About Data Warehouse Review

O Data, Data! Wherefore art thou?

This web site was created to give an objective analysis on data warehousing. In the fifteen years we have been actively involved in data warehousing, the field has evolved at a fast pace. Data warehousing has been becoming more common place as organizations collect more data and the business turnaround time becomes faster.

Data warehousing can encompass some of these technologies:

  • ETL - cleansing data and loading into the appropriate repositories.
  • Meta Data - standardizing on data description in an organization. Proper meta data policies can prove to have a tremendous costs savings further down the road.
  • Data Warehouses/Data Mart - these are the nerve centers of business intelligence in an organizations. There are many methodologies involved in data warehouse creation.
  • Analytical Tools - business users need to be able to have a perspective of data in helping make decisions. OLAP and data mining are some of the tools that can aid executives run leaner and more efficient organizations.

Our expertise in developing data warehouses have included the financial, manufacturing, services and retail verticals. The technologies I have used have included SAP BW, Oracle, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Cognos, Data Mirror, MicrosStrategy, Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, SAS.

The methodologies have been varied, always dependent on the business needs, budget and existing infrastructure. The most important asset in data warehousing is listening to the future users. Appreciating the business needs and translating the requirements to a solution that is cheap, efficient and easy to use. And also develop the design based on the future maintenance costs that the organization finds acceptable.

Always keep the business end users in the loop on the scope of the project. The end results of successful data warehousing can be tremendous, feedback is beneficial at every stage of the project.

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